Maker North Inc. is an additive manufacturing business located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Incorporated on February 7, 2017, Maker North Inc. immediately began to design and manufacture 3D printed products. Through the efforts of the founding team and in only an 800 sq. ft. workshop, Maker North Inc. has designed and manufactured a wealth of products, developed a dedicated client base and secured our position as first to market in Northern Ontario.  


Currently, Maker North Inc. is providing clients with four basic services: designing, prototype development, 3D printing and laser cutting.  Our customers range from entrepreneurs who seek design and prototyping services to bring their own products to market to businesses and individuals who wish to purchase an available product that we can 3D print or laser cut. We have already played an integral role in the design / prototyping of several products that were created and brought to market by our customers. We continue to work with several others who are on the path to mass production of their own creations. We have designed and printed unique products that our customers have used directly but not sold and we have printed products from publicly available design files when our customers needed access to something that had already been created.