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The Vinyl Listening Party

The Vinyl Listening Party: Crowd Sourced Trivia Edition

What is a Vinyl Listening Party?
People are invited to come bring some of their vinyl music collection out to Maker North, where they can sell, buy, trade, give, receive and yes, even PLAY their records.
No vinyl?
No problem, come anyway. It's a free, all-ages event, and local vinyl vendors curate a special crate of goodies for sale at 20% off the sticker price for the night of the event only. Guaranteed to find something you didn't even know you were looking for. This edition of the Party will include crowd-sourced trivia games and prize giveaways. People bringing music to play are invited to come up with a multiple-choice or true/false question to accompany their vinyl selection. The question can be about the band/artist, a song, the album, or any other piece of music trivia relating to the selection, and all party-goers are invited to participate. There will be giveaways throughout the event for people who are playing.
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Presented as part of the Fishbowl Festival of Community, Food, Arts, & Culture.